--- Paul Everlund <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Micke P wrote:
> > My machine (ethernet card) IP is
> and
> > I'm serving on port 8080. I can bring up the site
> no
> > problem on my LAN-,
> but
> > not outside.
> > 
> > My ISP is earthlink and it's a dynamic IP account.
> > Right now the WAN IP is: Trying
> > doesn't work. I've
> opened
> > the port, 8080, on the router.
> Right now the IP is 


> This is not an
> direct
> answer to your question, but if you're using a
> dynamic
> IP I suggest you go to, for an example DynDNS, and
> get
> a name for your site. After that you should install
> some kind of daemon that updates (in this case)
> DynDNS
> to reflect your dynamic IP-changes. In that way you
> should always be able to connect to your box!
> But all that I guess you've already figured out. :-)

Thanks. Yes. I have a domain. But setting it up
doesn't do any good since there is no IP it can
connect to.

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