--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > I opened the port on my (hardware) router box, not
> the
> > FreeBSD firewall. Internet -> ISP -> Modem ->
> Router
> > -> FreeBSD box. Hopefully that's all I need to do
> to
> > forward the port 8080 packets. Do I need to
> configure
> > the FreeBSD firewall settings as well to reflect
> the
> > port?
> no, if you can get to the website from inside your
> hardware firewall (a
> machine other then your freeBSD box) then the
> problem ly's with either
> your hardware firewall, or your ISP.  What Brand
> firewall do you have? 
> Remeber that just opening port 8080 will not work,
> you have to go into the
> "Port Forwarding" section of your firewall and
> forward the 8080 port to
> your inside box

While it's not called Port Forwarding on the router
setup, I'm certain that is what I've set up. 

Do you know what an ISP, earthlink, in this case,
might do to keep you from serving pages? I'm using
another port from 80, because I just get the ISP modem
status page when using the dynamic IP with the normal
80 port.

I'm afraid I'm just frustratedly baffled.

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