Thanks for the pointers on the fstab file, they solved that part of the
puzzle. (and trying to help with the other issues)

Thanks for pointing me to the right part of the vinum manpage...it was
indeed the simple fact that I was trying to build the configuration on
disk's rather than partitions that was sabotaging the mission!

A little about me and FreeBSD,

I am the (volunteer) director of a youth center, The Beatbox
(http://www.thebeatbox.org), in Fairfield Iowa, USA and am new to
FreeBSD, I am working to switch the network  infrastructure entirely to
FreeBSD over the next couple months. We currently host 50+ websites for
users and have 20+ workstations as well as 6 network server for internal
and external purposes. Although I hope that I don't have to bother
everyone on the list too much in the coming months, it is certianly
enjoyable to be part of this wonderful FreeBSD community. I will do my
best to represent this great operating system and all the great people
who make it happen.

Thanks again for your time and help.

Roland Wells
The Beatbox http://www.thebeatbox.org
FTEC http://www.fftechcenter.org

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