I see this has been solved, but i'll throw one more gotcha to watch for
out there.  Use of 'vinum saveconfig' is a good thing.  From the vinum man

Save the current configuration to disk.  Normally this is not
necessary, since vinum automatically saves any change in configu-
ration.  If an error occurs on startup, updates will be disabled.
When you reenable them with the setdaemon command, vinum does not
automatically save the configuration to disk.  Use this command
to save the configuration.

As I was learning to use vinum I made frequent mistakes, disabling
updates, then built the system, rebooted, and nothing survived ;)  Had to
rtfm a couple of times before I caught that.


> Mike,
> Thanks for the pointers on the fstab file, they solved that part of the
> puzzle. (and trying to help with the other issues)
> Greg,
> Thanks for pointing me to the right part of the vinum manpage...it was
> indeed the simple fact that I was trying to build the configuration on
> disk's rather than partitions that was sabotaging the mission!

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