No- IIRC, the default sis to look for an RCS subdirectory within the directory of the original file, failing that, the delta/file will be checked in to the local directory. This is generally 'the right behavior,' as RCS doesn't inherently store directory structures, so each file is in it's approipriate place in a multi-directory project.

Some examples, starting with directory structure and contents:

Makefile (Top level Makefile for project)




If an RCS directory already exists in each directory, the RCS files will go in (base directory)/RCS. If not, they will stay in the directory you checked them in from originally (Note- this is _their_ initial directory, not your working directory when you do the checkin!)

So the top-level Makefile would become either /home/projects/foo/RCS/Makefile,v , or, if the RCS dir didn't already exist, /home/projects/foo/Makefile,v

and the myclient.c file on checkin would become:
/home/projects/foo/client/RCS/myclient.c,v , or again if the RCS dir didn't already exist, /home/projects/foo/client/myclient.c,v ..

Hope that helps..


PS- Remember to always at least do a co <filename> after initial checkin, as ci <file> without other params creates the RCS/delta file, but will not leave the original filename in place...

Alden Louis-Pierre wrote:

I'm learning how to use the RCS utility. I never knew such a tool existed. I understand the commands and concept,
but as always I need some enlightment with the following question:

/home/apierre/RCS - my RCS directory

/home/apierre/Prog/C/Joy_of_C/chp_1 - the location of my C files from a book I'm learning.

If I were to ci(check in) my files from were my C files is located, would my revisions be placed in my RCS directory?

Thank You
Alden Louis-Pierre

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