Jez Hancock wrote to [EMAIL PROTECTED]:

> I then issue 'co -l httpd.conf' to check the file back out again and
> lock it to use it.

and Scott W <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> PS- Remember to always at least do a co <filename> after initial
> checkin, as ci <file> without other params creates the RCS/delta file,
> but will not leave the original filename in place...

To both of you, ci -l is your friend.


      works like -r, except it performs an additional  co -l  for  the
      deposited revision.  Thus, the deposited revision is immediately
      checked out again and locked.  This is useful for saving a revi-
      sion  although  one  wants  to  continue  editing  it  after the

Saves a bit of typing. ;-)

- Ryan

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