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> I'm learning how to use the RCS utility.  I never knew such a tool
> existed.  I understand the commands and concept,
> but as always I need some enlightment with the following question:
> /home/apierre/RCS - my RCS directory
> /home/apierre/Prog/C/Joy_of_C/chp_1 - the location of my C files from a
> book I'm learning.
> If I were to ci(check in) my files from were my C files is located,
> would my revisions be placed in my RCS directory?

No. And, as others have noted, this doesn't scale well; RCS won't
replicate your directory structure. CVS does, but it is more cumbersome
to use for small projects.

If you really want this behaviour, though, just `ln -s ~/RCS` in each
directory you wish to share the RCS path.

For most applications, though, you're better off with a local RCS
directory; it facilitates backups and shared access much better.

- Ryan

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