thanks all.
it was a curiosity question. some seem to take it personally and that was
not the intention. I was curious as to why .
I was installing java and it kept saying this port was outof date and that
one was and when I googled the alleged out of date ports I found a newer
If anyone was offened that was not what I was attempting to do.
Nor was I trying to compare ms to freebsd in anyway or manner.
I believe each has their strong points and weaknesses.
I do like my freebsd box.
And just like my MS boxes I would like to throw it thru the windows
sometimes (no pun intended).
Thanks for the info.

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> Meanwhile, on Sat, 2003-11-01 at 12:34, SWIT wrote:
> > I am just curious. But for those that continually sing unix over ms
> > you think that matters like this would be looked after so
> > unixes would be easier for the common man/woman to use.
> Do you think Microsoft always gives you new code as soon as they develop
> it? Of course not. So, imagine how much more complicated it is for a
> FreeBSD maintainer to give you new code as soon as some guy he's never
> met working halfway around the world develops it!
> Plus, being right at the bleeding edge and being easier to use are often
> contradictory desires. You want your system to work; you want all of the
> ports you install to work together; you want to have proper
> documentation, and a list full of people with experience using the same
> software on FreeBSD who can help you.
> All of this is often more important than having version 1.50 instead of
> 1.48b. Especially for the "common man/woman," who enjoys using software
> more than upgrading it.
> In essence, this is similar to (part of) the reason Microsoft doesn't
> give you new code right away--they want to have their QA teams go over
> it, and their tech support people trained on it, and their marketing
> people ready to spin the new bugs into features. (Of course they also
> want to find ways to charge you for upgrades, but that's a side issue;
> their service packs and hotfixes, and upgrades to IE and OE, and lots of
> other things, are available at no cost.)
> Of course any system can be improved. For example, when Mandrake wrote a
> simple script that scanned Freshmeat every day and emailed package
> maintainers with messages like, "A new version of foo, foo-1.3.21, was
> released today, at";, that
> definitely improved the freshness of their contribs repository. I'm sure
> there are ideas that could help FreeBSD. But I doubt there will ever be
> a day when every port in the tree has the very newest version available.

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