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I suck when it comes to hardware. I know so little about hardware. My
dad said he is gonna get me about $400.00 worth of computer parts for
Christmas/Birthday sence they are so close so I can start building a new
custom PC. I have already picked out the case I want. I found a Antec
PlusView1000AMG chassis I like for $80.00 on e-bay so that is the first
thing I have chosen to get. Next is to choose a mother board. I am
wanting a ASUS just because I hear alot of people talking about it on
the forums, irc etc and think I would be happy with it. One of the
things I am confused about it the onboard sound. I don't want onboard
sound. Or do I? I am using a Sound Blaster Live!/PCI card now and I
think I want to stick with a PCI sound card. If the motherboard from
asus has onboard sound can I use a PCI sound card? Is it best to use a
PCI sound card or onboard? I get confused when it comes with PCI sound
cards and onboard sound. What is really over all best when it comes to
performance and features that is supported in FreeBSD? So, I have a
Chassis picked out and *just* a brand name motherboard I want to buy.
Any sertain models you people would recommend on a Asus motherboard?
Remember, I know pretty much nothing about hardware, I have $400 to
spend, if the amount of the chassis ($80.00) plus the price of the
motherboard yall *may* recommend doesn't equal up to $400 could you give
some more recommendations on parts? Maybe video cards, power supply and
cooling? I was thinking about buying the TrueBlue 480 Watt PSU
480 Watt ATX12V Illuminated from antec. Good idea? Recommend something
else that I can get the same things from this power supply in another
one but cheaper? Sorry about the crazy questions but I know nothing
about hardware and I would like to get some *real* opinions on hardware
on FreeBSD. This system will most deffinately have FreeBSD installed. I
think I will always use FreeBSD as long as I own a computer. I'm pretty
sure I can get a case that's $80.00, a mother board around $100 or so, a
power supply, *maybe* a video card and a hard drive for around $400.
What else can you tell me to help out? I appreciate any responses I get.
He wants me to hurry up and tell him what I want so he can go on and
order it for me.

You can probably give yourself a bit of a crash course by looking at <URL: http://www.anandtech.com> and <URL: http://www.tomshardware.com>, then take a look through <URL: http://www.newegg.com> to see what you can get for your money. Don't forget memory, for which you may want to look at <URL: http://www.crucial.com> as well as NewEgg. PC Power and Cooling has high quality stuff, but they may be a bit over your budget.

Regarding motherboards and CPUs, AMDs are cheaper than Pentiums for equivalent performance, but AMDs run hotter, meaning the CPU fan must move more air, meaning more noise.

Though not the absolute best on price, in terms of quality service and excellent advice on putting together a system you could do a lot worse than talking to Todd at Envision Computer Solutions (<URL: http://www.envisioncs.net>).

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