On Tue, 18 Nov 2003 17:58:23 -0800 (PST), Dan Strick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

My video card choice was a compromise. I wanted something new enough to
have hardware support for recent DirectX features, old enough to be well
supported by XFree86 and cheap enough to be justifiable. The Radeon
9500/9700 families of cards are the newest for which XFree86 claims
substantial support and yet are long out of production and the ATi web
site even categorizes the 9500 as "discontinued". The 9000/9500/9700
seem to have been replaced with the 9200/9600/9800. The need for reliable
XFree86 support trumped other considerations because I spend virtually all
of my time running XFree86 on FreeBSD and very little time running
feature hungry whizbang graphics applications.

AFAIK XFree86 doesn't have 3D hardware acceleration support for the ATI Radeon 9K cards. I have a 9500 (modded to 9700 specs with Riva Tuner) myself and don't miss the 3D support, but that's because I play games only occasionally and use Windows for them.

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