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> Kent Stewart écrit:
> > If you want to pass large files, you need something you can write to
> > from FreeBSD. You can read but not write to NTFS. I have a number of
> > multi-boot machines and I almost always have that much in one partition
> > that is FAT32.
> To solve the problem, I loaded WinXP in a FAT32 partition, which I
> incidently use as a temporary storage between systems when necessary.
> This way, I have only 1 MS partition...

On a single user system that is probably ok but you don't have the security 
that NTFS has built into it. You make it easier one way and lose protection 
in the other. I don't like the idea of a regular user having administrator 
privlidges. Running as administrator on XP carries the same risk that running 
as root does on Unix.

The NTFS, I think, really supports the long names that are common to the 
registry and FAT32 has to use an alternate way of deal with long names. That 
is why you see the funky names with embedded "~" tildes.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA


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