Vulpes Velox <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Here is what I want to do...
> 1: Set up a server for storing users/groups/permissions/passwords.
> 2: Export it to other machines, with out exporting the file to all machines.
> 3: Set up other machines to check that when some on tries to login.
> How would I go about setting this up?
> I looked at Kerberos briefly in the handbook, but that only appeared to be for
> remote access. What or where should I look at for more information to set this
> up?

This is exactly what Kerberos is good at.  It's harder to administer
than NIS, but doesn't require as much trust of the client machines.  
For yet another set of security profiles, LDAP can be useful.

All of these (and, in fact, any scheme that remotely meets the rough
criteria given) will require configuration on each client as well as
the server.  
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