Christopher Svensrud wrote:
I keep having the same problem with login. The system keeps indicating that
the password is incorrect. I have been able to reset the password and still
it gives me the same message.

I just started running FreBSD and I was setting up Samba when this occurred.

Reboot the system by hitting <ctrl>+<alt>+<delete>, while it's booting back up, press space bar when you see the "press <enter> to boot or ..." and before it finishes counting down. (You don't mention which version of FreeBSD you're using, but FreeBSD 5 has a spiffy menu here where you can just select a menu item for single-user mode) At the prompt, enter "boot -s" to boot into single- user mode. When asked for a default shell, just hit <enter> to accept the default. Once you have a shell prompt, enter "fsck -y" and then "mount -a".

Now you're logged in and can execute commands as root.  Enter "passwd <user>"
to change the password for <user>.  If you omit <user>, you'll change the root

good luck.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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