Vulpes Velox <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On 21 Nov 2003 22:22:38 -0500
> Lowell Gilbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > This is exactly what Kerberos is good at.  It's harder to administer
> > than NIS, but doesn't require as much trust of the client machines.  
> > For yet another set of security profiles, LDAP can be useful.
> > 
> > All of these (and, in fact, any scheme that remotely meets the rough
> > criteria given) will require configuration on each client as well as
> > the server.  
> Yeah, know where I can actually find info on doing it thought? The handbook is a
> little short on that... it has one small vague section...

NIS and Kerberos5 both have their own sections in the Handbook.
With pointers off to more (general) information.
For LDAP, I don't offhand know of a good source of information on its
pros and cons, but installing it is as simple as using the pam_ldap
port and following the directions it prints out after install.

To get more specific help, you'll need to be more specific in your
questions, I'm afraid.

Good luck.
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