Ion-Mihai Tetcu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have a machine that randomly crashes. I wonder if lowering 
> Variable         Default      Description
> kern.filedelay   30           time to delay syncing files
> kern.dirdelay    29           time to delay syncing directories
> kern.metadelay   28           time to delay syncing metadata
> would help having a more up-to-date fs (using soft-updates). 

It might.  This may depend on *why* it's crashing, so I'd try
attacking that problem first.

> Also is there a reason for the 30-29-28 (the 1 differece between)
> sequence ?

I'd speculate that it's to keep the three cycles from synchronizing
with each other (which they would tend to do if they were repeating 
with the same period).
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