Hi Everybody ,

    it's not easy to jump from one operating system to other one , sometimes
people can have too much habit and it's searching same ones in other , for
good understanding it is asking why ?!     :)

    I want to ask why userland , base-system and Kernel are together ?! What
is the meaning of this . I mean sync. all source and start to build new
system from the beginning is to hard , it takes too much time and can have
some risk .I don't understand How ISP can use FreeBSD because at the
building time , machine will be off. Okey Maybe yahoo can use it because
it's clustered environment and it's easyly remove one of the machine install
new version or patch it if any problem occur it can be reinstalled after
that making standart configuration now it's ready.

    I think that Kernel must be seperate of userland because it's managing
and controling processes and I don't need rebuild kernel too much if I have
no problem with device driver or if I don't need to add something  to kernel
for support ( instead of Firewall or like important things ) .

    Why some programs are in base system . What is the meaning of Sendmail
or SSH in base system . Programs are only executable things What is the
relation about those programs with base system ?!

       in list Some members said that I can patch a system with watching
Security Advisories but same people said that " Sometimes it'wont and I have
to do full kernel / world / build / plus install and reboot "  Why ?  What
is the problem ?!

    Which list I have to watch for which Relese will have production quality

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