On Dec 11, 2003, at 9:54 AM, Tony Jones wrote:

I'm very unfamiliar with the ports system. I've never heard of portinstall
or portupgrade.

Just running make && make install in the appropriate port subdirectory.

It seems to me you're making this really complicated: I don't know what difference it makes where things get installed (/usr/local/{language}/ . . . ), but I have been using the ports collection as it comes without a problem. One of the benefits of using a system (like FreeBSD) is that there are some design conventions and decisions you can rely on.

My advice, and worth every penny you're paying, would be to use the ports system and become familiar with it before hacking around it. To that end, I would do, as root"
cd /usr/ports/sysutils/portupgrade; make install and then use that to manage the rest of it with portinstall <portname>, in your case perl5.8 and spamassassin. You may need to run "use.perl port" between those steps to ensure that spamassassin gets built against perl5.8 and doesn't complain about the wrong version.

Paul Beard
paulbeard [at] mac.com

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