> >
> Any chance you're talking about the "do kernel configuration
> in full-screen visual mode" stuff?  That's just for old ISA hardware,
> *IIRC*.  On most modern systems you can delete that whole list
> and everything still works.
> The GENERIC kernel already contains support for the mly driver
> (Acceleraid/eXtremeraid).
> What's the onboard NIC?
> Kevin Kinsey
> DaleCo, S.P.

Yes, the visual mode kernel config screen is part of what I'm talking about.

So I should just skip that process then?

One Item I found about the setup at intels site

Regarding using zero channel raid, is that the driver for the onboard scsi
controller should not be loaded.  Is it possible that the install is sensing
that controller and loading it?  I am driving the RAID array from the
onboard connection (no compatible connectors on the card, so I can't run it
off the card) so it is a zcr configuration.  I have made sure the card is in
the proper slot as listed, and that the bios changes have been made as well.
(they were already set to those options)

The NIC is a intel EtherExpress Pro/100+  but that would be a non-issue now
if the kernel config is only for legacy products.


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