On Sat, Dec 20, 2003 at 12:11:24PM -0800, Noah wrote:

> okay I think I see what fdisk is wanting.  I wanted to run it by you before i
> did anything:
> here is the prompts I filles out.  some prompts do have anything appear there
> i just hit return for the default value.  Do I need to change the active
> partition back to anything after running the fdisk Program?  I still want to
> boot from /dev/da0 for the time being.  I just want /dev/da1 drive ready for
> booting if /dev/da0 fails.  Am I on the proper course here?

Looks OK to me -- you have got backups of anything important on that
disk haven't you?  This sort of operation has a high risk of trashing
the drive contents if you don't get things quite right.

Yes, you'll need to set the slice (da1s1) bootable if you want this as
an alternate boot device.  That shouldn't affect the default auto boot
process performed by the boot loader, unless you interrupt the boot
process and change the device selection there manually.



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