Andrea Rigoni Garola ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> hi I have the same problem you have noted in Freebsd lists
> I've a linux gentoo and Radeon 7200....
> and always it gone to: "vb.context == ctx" failed: file "radeon_vtxfmt.c", line 1060
> i've tried to patch the code with this file:
> but after recompilation of code the bug seem to persist.
> Have you found a possible solution??
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Hello Andrea,

I looked around a long time to find a solution, and i think i must give
you the must relevent response i got:

Hello, Sam.

I'm a bit confused by the two pr's you listed in your message (both are for
version 2.0 of FreeBSD and were resolved way back in 1994).

I've run into the issue you detail in experience with blender and a radeon
7500 card with DRI enabled.  I assume you've already made the following
links under /usr/X11R6/lib/ -> ->

Without those links blender won't run at all.

Setting the variable RADEON_NO_VTXFMT does fix the crashing on 
render for version blender-2.25 (I've not tried the development version)
but it is still possible to crash blender by switching focus back and forth
between the main window and the render window by using F11 and F12.
The solution is to never use F11 at all -- just close the render window
when not needed and let F12 recreate it when you do another render.

The vtxfmt error goes away if you use the newest DRI code.  I've been
overlaying a standard X install from ports with CVS code.  If you use the
new port XFree86-4-Server-snap and the dri-devel port you should have
pretty much what I've been building from CVS.

I hope this helps to resolve your issues with erratic crashes when using

I can't reproduce the problem with using ESC to quit an application --
perhaps updating your X servers and DRI code will resolve this for you.



Well setting the RADEON_NO_VTXFMT does it. But about the error going
away on the newest DRI code, i didn't had any luck, it seems to persist.
I also tried the xfree86 cvs code, and same thing. So the best thing i
got today is to set the environment (RADEON_NO_VTXFMT) variable to "1". 
It works good and according to the dri devel team it don't hurt your
performances. Hope this can help you, can't do better for now =)


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