Yes, but doing it that way as example,  entering 'apache'  would
download apache13 when I really wanted apache20.  That logic does
not follow through, it's only valid for single versions of an

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On Wed, 31 Dec 2003, fbsd_user wrote:
> The FBSD handbook says to use
>  to find port and package
> names and it only shows the names with  versions suffix appended
> the names.
> Pkg_add -r  points to directory location with out names with
> versions suffix appended.
> >From user view point,  pkg_add -r  does not work because user is
> entering name with version suffix appended as they are led to
> believe is the correct name as instructed by the FBSD handbook.

If you read
 it says, about half way down the page:

"Note that in the example above lsof is used instead of lsof-4.56.4.
the remote fetching feature is used, the version number of the
must be removed. pkg_add(1) will automatically fetch the latest
version of
the application."

Can you give a concrete example of what the handbook says, and how
following the steps causes a problem?  I'm not seeing it, it's
fine for me.

David Fleck

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