Hi freinds,

Wish you all a very Happy New year.

I am get some kind of error on my name server "nameserv1". FYI, TM25 system is laptop 
of out side client and OS is Windows XP Home. 
nameserv1.lan.mycompany.com kernel log messages:

> 31 10:47:32 nameserv1 dhcpd: if IN A TM25.dhcp.mycompany.com domain doesn't exist 
> add 300 IN A TM25.dhcp.mycompany.com add 300 IN TXT 
> TM25.dhcp.mycompany.com "31eb2f5e58786ebab0b6eabd298b28671f": domain already exists

I feel its some thing to do with Windows XP. Does any one know the fix?

Thanks in advance.

With Regards,

Ajitesh K

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