Right! Ok, it's definitely not inetd that I need. I'm
thinking primarily of starting apache and a dynamic ip
updater automatically at startup.


--- fbsd_user <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Maybe you just don't understand what you are seeing.
> Inetd is the
> Super server. Every thing you uncomment in the
> inetd.conf file is an
> server of it own right. But instead of an daemon
> running for telnet
> or FTP all the time. Inetd runs and listens on the
> ports where those
> services would be listings and when inetd sees an
> request on the
> specified port it automatically launches the server
> for that
> service. With inetd running , ps ax only shows inetd
> running, but
> start an telnet session to your box and you will see
> that inetd has
> spawned an telnet server session. When your telnet
> users leaves the
> session, the telnet server terminates. Inetd is used
> to conserve
> resources.

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