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I'm in the process of downloading the floppies...

> --- Sergey 'DoubleF' Zaharchenko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Sorry that was to be $ bsdlabel -R -n /dev/ad6s1c dislabel.ad6s1c.new :(
> No worries... I figured it out :)
> > Indeed it's not like in 4.x, where they were the same. And what about 
> > 
> > # ls -l /dev/ad6s1a /dev/ad6s1b
> > 
> > (these minor numbers don't seem to be in order).
> Neither exists. Just so you know: My motherboard (Asus A7V133) has 2

Ouch! I've forgotten about devfs. So these numbers could be OK.

> integrated IDE controllers. Besides the native VIA controller there is a
> Promise ATA100. The following are the relevant snippets from dmesg:

And what about ad4? Does disklabel show different values for the slice
and the `c' partition?

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