--- Sergey 'DoubleF' Zaharchenko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I can't find a zero-bad floppy in this place! It's all the holidays!

That's what AOL disks (vs. discs) used to be good for. :)

> With `c', they're all offset by 63(why?). But still, you can mount the
> partitions on the ad4s1, so the disklabel should be ok...

Yeah. Starts to suggest what we were thinking was a evidence related to the
problem is really unrelated and "normal" behavior (is disklabel/bsdlabel
only meant to be run on slices and not bsd-partitions?). Are we looking in
the wrong place? What about that potentially good superblock we found a
while ago? (the skip 16 one that contained "/data" in it) Should we be
saving that somewhere while we can? (how?)

Anyone out there know 5.x file-system dirtiness like the back of their hand?
C'mon, you know you wanna join the fun. :)

Where's my time machine so I can go back and back up this drive... ah well
I'm learning a ton.

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