Robert Downes writes:

>  I no that money is a crappy donation, but I don't have any spare
>  hardware, and I'm not a good enough programmer to offer any
>  actual code (I'm currently 2/3 the way through a PHP forum
>  system, and I've stalled dead - anyone got any tips for getting
>  past a stall like that?), but hopefully a bit of money will
>  become something useful to the system.

        While the donation will surely be welcome, may I suggest a
place where you can make a more direct contribution?  Especially
since you have non-zero coding experience.
        There are 192 open prs of category "docs"; none are Critical,
but 15 are Serious.  (Some look like they would take a couple of
minutes to fix.)
        If nothing else, it would inspire a lot more confidence if the
last review date for various man pages did not mention "FreeBSD
2.0.5" or even "1999".

                                Robert Huff

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