i'm on a multihomed FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE, cvsupped and built to -STABLE as
of two weeks ago. the two NICs on the box each go to different ADSL
providers. right now, i can switch which provider i use by just manually
changing the default route. however, what i'd like to do is to have the
default route set to one provider, but manually add static routes to
networks closer to the second provider going out that way.


default          UGSc       13     2878   fxp0
10.1/16            link#9             UC          2        0   aue0         00:e0:7d:03:a2:08  UHLW        0      363   aue0    815        00:08:54:d0:5d:2e  UHLW        1        0    lo0
60.6/16             UGSc        0        0   aue0          UH          0    12407    lo0
192.168.0          link#2             UC          1        0   fxp0        00:30:ab:10:6c:0d  UHLW       13      215   fxp0    913

( is ISP1's router and is ISP2's router)

i've successfully managed to add routes for /16 networks, and 'netstat
-rn' as well as 'route -n get' both give the expected results. however,
tracerouting to an ip address in one of these static routes still shows
that it is going out thru the default route instead of the second
provider. running a packet sniffer and attempting a http connection
confirmed this. in this case, any packet going to

what exactly should i be doing to get the behaviour i desire ?

a secondary question is, with the /usr/ports/net/zebra package, can i
configure this box to load balance flows over both ADSL connections,
assuming i do not have an AS number (for BGP) handy ? i.e. the question
is, assuming i make a tcp connection out using a browser (for argument's
sake, mozilla), can mozilla send the packet out dynamically on the first
NIC (with its IP address as source) and then round robin the next TCP
connection off the second NIC (with the second IP address as source) ?
would i need the recent multipath patches (though its for 4.8-STABLE) to
do this ?

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