On Sat, 10 Jan 2004, Jared Cheney wrote:

> The card is called pcn0 in FreeBSD, and it says that it is sharing IRQ
> 10. Running tcpdump for any length of time also shows that 0 packets
> were received by the filter.

from the pcn(4) man page:

pcn%d: chip is in D3 power state -- setting to D0 This message applies
only to adapters which support power management.  Some operating systems
place the controller in low power mode when shutting down, and some PCI
BIOSes fail to bring the chip out of this state before configuring it. The
controller loses all of its PCI configuration in the D3 state, so if the
BIOS does not set it back to full power mode in time, it will not be able
to configure it correctly.  The driver tries to detect this condi- tion
and bring the adapter back to the D0 (full power) state, but this may not
be enough to return the driver to a fully operational condition. If you
see this message at boot time and the driver fails to attach the device as
a network interface, you will have to perform a warm boot to have the
device properly configured.

could this be your problem then ?

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