Hi all, I need some help routing or making Nat on a LAN.

I have something like this:

                  I N T E R N E T
                ^                 ^
                |                 |
fxp0      public IP           public IP
                |                 |
         FreeBSD server      LINUX server
                |                 |
dc0                |
dc1 ^ 
                ^ |           ^
                | |           |
                | |           |
              |   Switch/Hub   |
                   |       |
    ------------------     -----------------
   |      LAN  A      |   |     LAN  B      |
   | |   | |
    ------------------     -----------------

I have running a FreeBSD server as a gateway and DHCP, the server share
the Internet to all the computers on LAN A (

The server have 3 network cards:

fxp0 is public IP.
dc0  is the gateway for the LAN A "".
dc1  has IP ( need help with this ).

Right now i am just using fxp0 and dc0 so any computer on the LAN A
"" can have Internet, my ipnat.rules file looks like this:

map fxp0 -> 0/32 portmap tcp/udp auto
map fxp0 -> 0/32

until that point everything just work OK.

There is another network, I will call it LAN B, this LAN make the same
thing that i am doing with the FreeBSD Server, but instead it uses LINUX,
the m achine have 2 network cars.

eth0 has a public IP.
eth1 is the gateway for the LAN B ""

Both networks are connected to the same switch/hub, but now i need that
the computers of LAN A can see "ping" computers on LAN B.

If I configure the third nick "dc1"  on the FreeBSD server to have an IP
on the range of LAN B for example with ip, then I can see all
the computers from both LAN's, I can ping, telnet, ssh etc. to both
192.168.10.X and 192.168.1.X. networks "standing on the FreeBSD server."

What i want to do is that a computer on LAN A with an IP on the range of can ping, telnet, ssh, etc. to a computer on LAN B

How can i solve this problem, is this is a route or Nat problem ?

There is one more issue, I can't touch the LINUX SERVER I can just be a
client or join the LAN by configure a nic with a IP on the range of

I have been trying to fix this with static routes but i am not having luck.

Any help will be apreciated.


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