I'm looking for a way to access user information not stored in
/etc/passwd, (i.e. an ldap database)  On Linux I would install the
proper nss module and set that up, but it seems freebsd doesn't support
that yet.  My ultimate goal would be to authenticate it against a win2k
active directory service (sorry, I have no control over it and can't do
it the other way around)  I know about the pam modules, but I also need
the user info as well.  Also, what should I do about the home dirs?
Make them all use some generic home dir or use something like a pam
module that creates one, I believe linux has such a pam module.

I remember reading somewhere in the samba docs that it is possible to
authenticate against a win2k ads so I think I should be able to do
this, but I'm still very new to freebsd.

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