On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 12:32:16PM -0800, David LeCount wrote:

> I have what is proving to be a difficult challenge. My
> friend wants to start using FreeBSD. Unfortunately the
> latest disc I have is 4.3, and I don't have easy
> access to broadband, so obtaining a newer iso is
> unlikely in the near future. Well I've been gradually
> upgrading mine and it's currently using 5.2. So I
> figured I'd try the routine the handbook gives on
> upgrading multiple machines. I installed 4.3 on his,
> and then I made buildkernel and buildworld on mine,
> and copied /usr/src and /usr/obj to his. But when I
> try to install anything on his, make crashes
> immediately saying it made an invalid system call. In
> fact, I can try make buildworld and buildkernel and it
> does the same thing. I tried making other makefiles I
> found on the hard drive to test make, and it worked
> fine. Yet it crashes immediately for any targets in
> /usr/src. I really don't want to be defeated, so can
> anyone help a bandwidth handicapped FreeBSD fan? Many thanks.

You'll get this problem if you don't use the correct order of
operations to update your system.  An upgrade from 4.3 may be
possible, otherwise you could update to 4.9 first.  Make sure you
follow the updating instructions in /usr/src/UPDATING and the handbook


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