I have what is proving to be a difficult challenge. My
friend wants to start using FreeBSD. Unfortunately the
latest disc I have is 4.3, and I don't have easy
access to broadband, so obtaining a newer iso is
unlikely in the near future. Well I've been gradually
upgrading mine and it's currently using 5.2. So I
figured I'd try the routine the handbook gives on
upgrading multiple machines. I installed 4.3 on his,
and then I made buildkernel and buildworld on mine,
and copied /usr/src and /usr/obj to his. But when I
try to install anything on his, make crashes
immediately saying it made an invalid system call. In
fact, I can try make buildworld and buildkernel and it
does the same thing. I tried making other makefiles I
found on the hard drive to test make, and it worked
fine. Yet it crashes immediately for any targets in
/usr/src. I really don't want to be defeated, so can
anyone help a bandwidth handicapped FreeBSD fan? Many thanks.

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