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> Yes I am serious. I have used 5 different ISP's over the years and
> not one let sendmail have direct access to their smtp email servers.
> They all required me to use their pop3 server which is something
> totally different. I believe the original poster was asking about
> using sendmail to retrieve email from his ISP's smtp server.  And
> it's still a lot easier to install fetchmail than to reinstall
> sendmail.

Did you place pop3.ispname.com in your smtp server field of Outlook and
change the default port 25 to something else? If you didn't change the port,
then their smtp daemon is listening for your traffinc on port 25 of the same
server that they're running pop3 on. This isn't too uncommon. If the OP was
asking about getting the ISP smtp server to send to his sendmail. For that
to happen, at minimum, the following has to be done. He's got a static ip
and the isp places a forward on his ISP account to forward to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and his system is configured to accept mail for
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, or, he has a domain assigned with an mx record pointing to
his home system. Fetchmail can't retrieve mail from an smtp server that I am
currently aware of as it's designed to speak pop protocol and then deliver
it locally to an awaiting smtp server for local delivery.


Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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