Hi Andrew,


The network changes might not releated to the issues w/ KDE.  I would
first verify that no other program is trashing your resources.

I suspect whether 'vi editor' having problem because each time when I boot the PC, the screen pauses on;-
Recovering vi editor sessions:

another is;-
Starting sshd:

taking prolonged time before continue to run. What is the esay/quick way to remove 'vi' from FreeBSD. I don't need it. I use 'ee'

check to make sure you have a newer version of KDE. Did you look at the
KDE site for known bugs, maybe?

KDE 3.1 is quite new and stable. I have it running on Gentoo, Debian and RH PCs respectively without problem but I will check KDE site later.

What I am worrying is OpenOffice 1.1. Of the 3 OSs, Gentoo 1.4, Debian 3.0 and RH9 which I am running, OOo1.1 only works fine on Debian 3.0. OOo1.1 and RH9 are poor combination. It takes long time to start. You will find lot of complaints on its mailing list. I am looking forward to see how it will work on FreeBSD 5.2

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