On Tue, Mar  2, 2004, Michael Banta clacked the keyboard to produce:
> Hello.
> I just installed Apache wilthout error.  I started apache and did a ps aux.  It 
> appears to be running fine.  However I cannot bring up the default webpage.  Doing 
> lynx localhost does not work.  I set the Servername variable in the config file to 
> localhost, just to test.  Everything appears to be in order.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> Mike

It sounds like a hostname error. Does Apache know it is answering as
localhost? You may want to double-check your `Listen' and `ServerName'

A quick test is to try lynx to the local ip address and see what
happens. BTW, did you run `apachectl configtest' prior to starting
Apache? That will help you with any issues, although if it is running, I
am not sure configtest would find it.


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