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> > you might check into setting options for xterm in the .Xdefaults
> > file of your home directory...
> Hi Aaron,
> Kindly advise where can I find .Xdefaults.  I found
> /home/user/.Xauthority but I can' read it

The last time I used .Xdefaults it was named .Xresources:) If there
isn't one, create it.

$ cat ~/.Xresources
.xterm.vt100.deleteIsDEL: true
.xterm.vt100.eightBitOutput: true
.xterm.vt100.font: -xos4-terminus-bold-r-normal--24-240-72-72-c-120-koi8-r

The '.xterm.vt100.font' is what you need to change to use another
default font. Naturally, you can use xfontsel to generate a `fontline'
for you. 

Be sure to put an `xrdb ~/.Xresources' line in your
.xsession/.xinitrc/whatever X startup script.

Changes will be applied on next login (to apply them earlier, run the
xrdb command manually). HTH,

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