Hi Ed,

Thanks for your advice.

- snip -

> You probably can't. As I am using the term, "window manager" is not an
> applet but a reference to whatever you happen to be using to control
> graphical window behavior on your desktop. It looks like your window
> manager is KDE (which also happens to provide other services so is
> called a "desktop environment" to denote these additional features). My
> window manager is called "blackbox" which has a simple menu
> configuration file where I can input a line for xterm and conveniently
> call it through an item on a neat little pull-up menu.

Noted with thanks.  I am interested to be advised of how to build it.  Pointer 
would be appreciated.

> For you I would suggest that you create a "shortcut" on your desktop.
> You'll need to check with the KDE documentation since I don't actually
> use it but it's probably as simple as right-clicking the desktop with
> your mouse and choosing "new" or something like that and then through
> "properties" type in the full command you want your new shortcut icon
> to invoke.

Noted.  I don't need to create a shortcut.  On Konsole window just type 
'xterm' and hit <Enter> to start 'xterm' window.  It works as 'user' as well 
as 'root'



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