On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 01:09, Chuck Swiger wrote:
> Wayne Sierke wrote:
> [ ... ]
> > I've been having a similar problem, afaict since I moved my server to
> > 5.2-RELEASE from 4.8-RELEASE and to a EPIA 5000 board (from a Pentium
> > system).
> > 
> > I've not had a disconnection while I've been actively using the
> > connection but most connections that are left idle get disconnected
> > after a while (seems to be around 10 to 15 minutes).
> [a light blinks!]  By any chance are you enabling APCI and having your machine 
> go into power-saving mode after 15 minutes or so?  Your ssh connection won't 
> wake up even if your machine does when you come back later... :-)

Ah! Très intéressant! Damn, I don't know why it didn't occur to me to
check, I have to boot my workstation without ACPI because of problems
with X on my graphics card but it never occured to me to ensure it was
disabled on the server.

Ok, time to go rummaging but in the meantime (in case a response turns
up before I find the answers)...

Can I disable ACPI with the server running, or am I going to have to

What's the best way to disable ACPI (for unattended booting)? (eg. a
hint setting, or requires a recompile, etc.).

Incidentally, this isn't the case for the workstation(s), I've
definitely had (user) sessions where not even the screensaver has kicked
in but ssh connections have still died when left idle for long enough.
Besides which I get the same behaviour when running putty.exe under

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