I left an SSH connection open to my server last night, and it was still connected this morning; the amount of time exceeded that of past sessions when I was unexpectedly disconnected.

I understand your reasoning when stating this is not a configuration issue, and given what you've written below, I tend to agree. I'm using two Realtek 8139 cards in my server and an Intel 21041 in my Win2k box.

What type of onboard NIC does your new motherboard have?

Also, I have not messed with the default ACPI settings; are they enabled or disabled by default? Interesting to note is that the server has been up for weeks now, and even though a particular SSH session is dropped, the server is still up and running, and will accept new SSH connections after unexpecteded termination of previous connections. This leads me to believe that this is *not* and ACPI problem.

Rishi Chopra

Wayne Sierke wrote:

On Sat, 2004-03-06 at 19:39, Rishi Chopra wrote:


I would not suspect the hardware. My suspicion is this has something to do with SSH configuration. Is there a setting within the FreeBSD SSH configuration files that specifies disconnection of idle connections?

I didn't think my connection was idle since file transfer was occuring, but since there was no activity in the SSH terminal window, I could see how that could be taken as 'idle'; at any rate, there must be a setting that specifies number of minutes for an idle connection, and/or a way of turning off automatic idle disconnects.

A little help from the longbeards please? Arrrrrrrrrrgh!

My primary reason for suspecting hardware/drivers is that in my case,
both the current and previous sshd configs were unchanged from the
default install. A diff of the sshd_conf between my old and new servers
were identical (apart from version comments). This suggests to me that
unless 1) there has been a fundamental change in the default behaviour
of sshd between 4.8 and 5.2, or 2) my previous setup wasn't working
properly (ie. not doing idle disconnects when it should have been) then
the cause must lie elsewhere. Additionally, I believe I have witnessed
occasions on one of my LAN-connected machines when a ssh session
*hasn't* disconnected when left idle for a lengthy period, further
suggesting that it is not a configuration issue.

Unfortunately I'm still at the stage of only being mostly certain about
having witnessed uninterrupted connections. It would certainly help if
someone could indicate whether ssh disconnections should be expected or
not (on a LAN) with an unmodified sshd configuration.


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