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> Doing a make world is perfectly acceptable. It's considered the
> "traditional" way of doing things, and accomplishes the same results.

No, it doesn't.  Specifically, it skips the reboot and mergemaster between
the installkernel and installworld steps, which means that you'll end up
running a new userspace against an old kernel and /etc for a little while.

> If your going to inform users NOT to do one way opposed to another, at
> least give specifics as to why you feel that way.

There you have it.  "make world" is *not* the recommended upgrade process
anymore.  The new method is detailed in UPDATING.
Kirk Strauser

"94 outdated ports on the box,
 94 outdated ports.
 Portupgrade one, an hour 'til done,
 82 outdated ports on the box."

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