Chris wrote:
> > However, once you use a source based update method, the port will not work
> > any longer, since your installation will consist of custom binaries that do
> > not match the recorded checksums.

> I like the idea of the bin-updates. Most of the end users of FBSD really
> don't have a need to have custom src so this may be a very acceptable
> way to go.

I was not necessarily thinking of local changes to the source tree, but
also of some applications that can be compiled with customized options
(e.g. sendmail with TSL+SASL support). Of course, I agree with you,
that the majority of end users will not do this (or use one of the

Btw. I just had a look at the web site[1], and it seems that
freebsd-update can deal with systems that were updated using the source
based method.


> I'm interested in the time it takes to do the freebsd-update, and
> if rebooting is needed. 

I haven't tried it, either. I guess that you will need to reboot as soon
as the kernel is patched, otherwise shutting down and restarting the
service in question should be enough.



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