On Mar 9, 2004, at 12:57 AM, Steve Ireland wrote:
Below is from a post to [EMAIL PROTECTED] It sounds like what you're looking
for. I haven't tested it yet, but it my list of things to look into.

I glanced over the site (http://www.roq.com/projects/quickpatch/) and it's saying that if I run that sequence of commands, then the next day I'd just have one script to run and that would patch the system for me and have everything up to date?

Anyone using QuickPatch, and have some experiences to share with using it?

The system I am currently using is portupgrade (update the ports tree via cvsup; portupgrade everything). Does anyone know if QuickPatch checks your current versions of software so you don't get a patch for software that's already been updated/altered?

Someone else mentioned freebsd-update. I haven't looked at that yet...is it just for binary updates, or system-wide, or...?

I guess what would really help (especially for newer users) is a reference or howto with definitive steps on how to do this, as in a step by step guide or script on how to keep your system up to date after a fresh install and keeping it up to date thereafter...does this exist somewhere? The documentation I've found seems fragmented between binary installs and source installs and port updates versus OS updates and...sorry, just gets confusing sometimes :-)

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