Andrew L. Gould wrote:
On Friday 12 March 2004 10:20 am, Chuck Swiger wrote:
[ ... ]
You might find that doing the full system scan takes up a lot of resources
for some time (possibly hours), but that probably only matters if you
happen to want to use the machine for something else then.

I also use ClamAV.

If resource utilization is an issue, the scanning strategy could be changed to scan only email and /home areas frequently. Full system scans could be scheduled less frequently and during periods of low utilization.

This is good advice, although one should beware that "/home" may comprise the vast majority of the storage space in use, particularly for companies, universities, and other organizations with lots of people. 9GB for the boot volume, ~75 GB for homedirs, and ~30GB for other files is what one fileserver of mine looks like.


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