On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 01:15:17PM -0800, Jeff Sandys

> Can I use XFree86-3.3.6 server on FreeBSD-4.9 ?

> <the long story>
> I installed FreeBSD-4.5 on my old 486 VLB computer and x-windows 
> worked fine.  This is a sweet old computer, I like to call it the 
> fastest 486 in the west; with a 5x86 processor @ 150Mhz and a 50Mhz 
> VLB bus and parity ram, it is a very stable and useable computer.

I have succesfully built and installed 3.3.6 some weeks ago on
4.9-RELEASE system. The situation I have is somewhat similar, one of
my old 486 machines got work to do as X-terminal. It has 100Mhz
i486DX4 processor, 16MB of RAM and S3805 VLB video card with 2 megs
of mem. Works wonderfully.. my kids happily play 2D "platform" games
and surf the net, KDE3.2 for eyecandy and stuff..
Vallo Kallaste
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