Quick questions:
I've run across some mumblings in the ClamAV lists about Clamd not
logging anymore (or not scanning anymore?) when the maximum
logfile size is reached.  Is anyone in FreeBSD running this, and if so,
are you using Newsyslog to rotate the logs?  What are your settings
(how would I set it up)?

I didn't know what would be a safe way to do this, since I also have
an every-four-hour update running for the clamav and I didn't know
 what would happen if
A) the update for the database falls at a moment when the log is
B) I didn't find the "proper" way to rotate the log so Clamd doesn't
have an open file handle on a log being rotated and/or have clamd
try writing to the file while it's being rotated
C) how can clamd have the file rotated without being "temporarily
disabled" running into problems because that disabled clamd may
be called on in that period by amavisd-new to do a virus scan on
a mail message...

Anyone got a good log rotation scheme in place to handle this
automatically without running into problems?


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