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Hello All,

  I have been running a FreeBSD system for fun & semi-pro uses for
about 4 years. In all that time I only upgraded the Hard Disk once.
That upgrade came at the same time as an OS upgrade, and at that
time the server was used for much less. Now the applications,
configuration, and data are all very important to me.

  So now it's time to upgrade again. and I want to migrate all the
data from one disk (20gb) to another (80gb). Does anyone know of a
way of imaging one drive onto the other? Idealy I would like to
increase some of the slices as well, but that may not be possible.

If anyone knows of a way, please let me know.

There is the ever popular dump and restore method also. This allows you to modify the slice and partition sizes. Do something like this. drop in new disk format up with the sysinstall tools mount the new partitions somewhere restore the data to them edit files like fstab to change the disk names in there or just swap the drives around in the box so the new one is logically where the old one was. reboot

look at man dump and man restore
If you really want to do it this way I can supply a better dummy

My apologies for coming in late to the discussion. Someone has probably already suggested the following link from the FreeBSD FAQ:

<URL: http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/faq/disks.html#NEW-HUGE-DISK>

It's simple, it's easy, it works, and it works as fast as or faster than any other method.

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