On Fri, 19 Mar 2004, GiTi wrote:

> On Thursday 18 March 2004 18:09, Olaf Hoyer wrote:
> > Ok, do you have any Information about the chipset used on these?
> >
> > What is needed, is the dmesg output, at least those lines where the nic
> > is probed.
> >
> > should read something like:
> >
> > pci2: <unknown card> foo bar
> dmesg print out something like:
> pci2:<Ethernet Card><driver not attached>
> My Nics is:
> SURECOM EP-320X-S 100/10M Ethernet PCI Adapter
> i have tried to rebuilded the kernel and compiled its driver (basing on the
> instruction) into kernel several times but I have not succeeded
> It is said that freebsd 5.2 supported MySon Ethernet Nics and ....... i am
> surprized ..... Maybe I have missed somthing?
> Please help me to solve this problem


Well, do you mean with "compiled its driver" that they provide some own

Ok, in order to be able to help you, we  need at least a dmesg with the
card, and the _exact_ message, and also a pciconf -lv will be helpful.
Because of rebranding of network chips one can never be sure what
chip-revision you get with those relabelled products.

Please boot a kernel.GENERIC and post that dmesg.


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