On Sunday 21 March 2004 08:46 pm, you wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-03-21 at 21:01, Eric F Crist wrote:
> > Also,  it's nice to see some people who don't post a whole lot speak up
> > about something.  To all those, welcome!
> That's rather the problem. People who don't know much about unix are
> perfectly happy to chime in about spelling or top posting, where
> expertise is relatively easy to acquire. Pretty soon, the list stops
> being about freebsd.

On the contrary.  I believe there are a lot of people on the list that are 
very knowledgable that don't speak up very often.  Perhaps they are here to 
simply see what other people are having problems with, perhaps they're here, 
as you say, with little knowledge.  Personally, I don't care.  I'm happy to 
be a part of a community that's willing to help eachother.

I feel this particular thread is an issue that could help many.  Maybe my 
knowledge or opinion doesn't mean much to you, buy perhaps to others.  I, 
personally, ignore HTML and incorrectly formatted messages.  If I'm 
personally interested in a thread, I will read it, regardless of format, but 
not if I'm simply trying to help a fellow BSDer out.  If Joe Shmoe (sorry if 
that person really exists) composes an email that contains 18 previous 
messages and top-posts, amongst other things, I'm FAR less likely to read 
that message, much less reply.  I'm anal enough to even edit those stupid 
forwards all of us get from our friends that are a combination of attachments 
and copy/paste so that it only contains the pertinent info.  Mind you, this 
is only on the RARE email I feel is good enough to forward on myself, which 
is hardly ever random junk.

Please allow us, without harrassement, to discuss issues people on this list 
find important.  As Greg said earlier, if you don't like this thread, simply 
delete it.  We're not making you read it.  It hardly uses enough bandwidth 
for you to stress over.

Have a great night, or morning, or whichever.
Eric F Crist
AdTech Integrated Systems, Inc
(612) 998-3588

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