On Mar 21, 2004, at 7:35 PM, Lucas Holt wrote:

Aside from mailing lists, I tend to be a top poster. I don't like when people leave the last 12 emails and then bottom post.. i have to scroll all day.

They should, in my opinion, delete extraneous stuff that doesn't have anything to do with the comment...

The other irritant is people who actually post in the middle of messages. That breaks the "FLOW" as well. After someone replies top or bottom its VERY hard to read.

How? I see it as a conversational thread. Here's what YOU said, here's what I have to say in reply...

I have a friend who seems to take the MS lazy approach to email. I'll ask him three unrelated questions in the course of a reply to his mail. He top posts the answers at the very top...I have no idea what in hell he's talking about. Talk about breaking the flow of the message...

How about a new convention. Delete everything but the last reply in the thread when you send to the list and say bottom post.

What if you're referring to what was referred to in flow to the previous message? Why would you want to stop and wonder what the heck the previous person what talking about?

The bottom line is that people reply. This list is here to help users with FreeBSD. I'd take an answer to my questions in any format!

As long as it isn't something that you're puzzling over and have to ask several questions to get a final answer to out of it :-)


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