Scott I. Remick wrote:

I'm thinking about setting up a FreeBSD-based CMS/intranet and wanted to
know what other people were doing.

I have a tiny bit of experience with PHP-Nuke because my webhost uses it.
Although I have no real complaints about it, I am not wedded to it.

Most promising seems Plone, which is based upon Zope. But it seems to be
tremendously different from *nuke. The ports version is current and appears
to work, but poking around the Plone site I wasn't able to get a feel for
whether it truly can provide all the stuff I'm looking for. These are
things such as:

- Discussion forums
- 3rd-party themes (I'm not looking to develop my own themes... I'm looking
to get this up fast. Instead I'm looking for an established community of
Plone-theme creators who like to create custom themes available for
download, so I can pick one that appeals to me)
- Polls
- a variety of other modules/blocks (strength of the *nukes, but couldn't
find a similar following for Plone).


Although a little late, I thought you might want to consider MovableType ( I originally built my own CMS using a bunch of asp and a MS Access mdb database - unfortunately, that really wedded me to a MS server and MS software - plus, adding articles/posts was an absolute pain. This was also before CSS came en vogue and site upgrades were horribly complicated. I then found *nuke and was happy for a while until I had a lot of problems with security and php hacks enabling others to 0wn my website... oh how I hated that message. I did like the *nuke style, though, because there were so many plugins that I could do pretty much anything that I wanted. Then my philosophy on web design changed and I became a minimalist... *nuke was out. A friend of mine finally convinced me to give MovableType a try about two years ago and I've been hooked since. There are a lot of plugins available - although, I really don't use any, as I simply apply my CSS theme to different things that I wanted to *plug in* to my website. So, I can't say how well some of the things you are looking for are supported. I can say, though, that the code is extremely well written and I have never worried about or had anyone hack the site. I'm sure anything is possible, but it is the most reliable and secure CMS I have run to date - and it is *really* simple to set up.

Steve Fettig
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